The Unperson Project Curriculum Vitae

Solo Exhibition

2022 “El anti-archivo” curada por Robelo Zerón, Táctica, Cholula, Puebla

Exhibiciones Colectivas

2021   The Big Picture Colorado, The Temple, Denver, Co.

2021   “Tales From The Crypto”, Otra Feria/Proyecto B, Argentina/México

2021   Muestra itinerante de video arte, ‘Paréntesis’. Puebla, MX

2021  ‘Three Acts: A Survey Of Shame, Emotion And Oblivion’, Redline Contemporary Art Center. Denver, Co.

2021  ‘Feel Me’ curada por Lee LaBier, Bleue Tile Gallery, Denver, Co.

2021  ‘Objects, Being, Essence and Notion’, Alto Gallery, Denver, Co.

2021  ‘The Big Picture 2021’, Redline Contemporary Art Center. Denver, Co.

2021  Night Lights Denver, D&F Tower, Denver, Co.

2020  ‘Espacio Vera’, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Lima. Lima, Perú.


2021  December magazine Vol. 32.1 Spring/Summer

2021  Lenscratch, “Focus On Vernacular: The Unperson Project”

2021  The Know/The Denver Post “Redline’s ‘Three acts’ asks dozens of photographers to capture aspects of an unsettling era, Marzo 2021

2021  ERRR Magazine, “Vaporizadas”

2021  The Know/The Denver Post, “Three Acts: A Survey of Shame, Emotion, and Oblivion”

2021  New Collection. “Mutable & Elusive: Power of the Unperson”.

2020  Lenscratch, “2020 Favourite Photos”

2020  Der Greif, “Selection by Marie Gomis-Trezise”.

2018  El Siglo de Durango, “The Unperson Project: Una cicatriz del olvido”

2018  Hoja Santa, “Apetito por la vida, The Unperson Project”.

2018  Chilango, “Vaporiza sus fotos y olvida a tu ex con The Unperson Project”

2017 L’Officiel Mexico, “Sin Pasado”


2021  Portada sencillo “Bala Perdida” Rufus Kluge, Samtwenty, Chiki Wanted

2018  Portada EP “Broken Hard Drive Dives” Prefuse 73


2021  The Unperson Project crea el ciclo de conferencias “The Unperson Talks”, Ciclo 1: Febrero-Abril


2021 Aire Libre 105.3

2019 Aire Libre 105.3

2017  IMER, La feria, carrusel cultural, “Juan Solís habla sobre The Unperson Project”

2017 IBERO RADIO 90.9


2021 Pata de Mono T2 E45, Cicatrices de olvido

2021 Live Show Remotas Primer Aniversario, Centro Galera, CDMX

2021  Remotas Podcast T2 E2, “Que la grieta no se haga más grande.


This project is an archive of oblivion. We made an open call inviting people to donate photographs to us in which they had erased someone from the image, either as a means to forget them, or to forget a moment in their past. This process is called vaporization and once someone is vaporized they become an Unperson, a term created by George Orwell in his novel 1984. We focus on exploring the value of the photograph as a medium in which attempts to inflict oblivion are perpetrated and how the blank spaces, burn marks, cut out faces, or scratched off ink take the place of someone. These spaces imply the presence of the ones who went from apotheosis to damnatio memoriae. Once the participants donate the image to us, we take on the role of perpetrators, channeling the desire to forget someone by defacing the photograph that contains their image, thus allowing that individual to assert some kind of control over the subject in the photograph.
Subsequently we become archivists and curators. cataloguing the photographs, and deciding on their place in the archive. Additionally they now have the potential to be re-contextualised to become part of a new form of exhibition. These new material forms create a different experience to that originally intended by the participant, so that by making them public they also give up their control over them. By doing this we make visible the attempts to achieve oblivion, questioning the idea of the photograph as a private possession.

The Unperson Project is created by artists Susana Moyaho and Andrea Tejeda K.